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Zulema is a woman who has to deal with disappointment as she reaches the end of her life. She tells the story of her family and all the effort she has given daily to subvert the few opportunities of destiny.

awards and selections

Festival de Cine de Mujeres, Chile (2013)

Best short film, Schools Documentary Short Film. 


Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de Coquimbo, Chile (2013)

Official selection in the category Documentary Short Film Schools.


Festival Internacional de Cinema Feminino en Río de Janeiro, Brasil (2013)

Official selection.


Festival Pink Latino en Toronto, Canadá (2013)

Official Selection Documentary Short Film category.


Festival del Cortometraje de Santiago (2013)

Official Selection Documentary Short Film category. 


Festival de Cine Documental de Chiloé , Chile (2013)

Film Schools Exhibition.

BioBio Cine Festival Internacional de Cine de Concepción, Chile (2015)

Official Selection Documentary Short Film category.


Director: Tana Gilbert

Producer: Arantza Carrizo

Cinematography: Javiera Leyton

Sound: Javiera Leyton

Editor: Arantza Carrizo

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